Huifeng Times Square

Crowning as the land mark of Changsu, Jiangsu province,Huifeng Times Square consists of one standard office buliding and 4 fine-decorated apartment blocks with total construction areas up to 128981㎡. The main structure is 108m high.

Mobile network issues:

The structure has large coverage, besides The indoor room is feature with multiple partitions and complicated decoration, the BS wireless signals cannot penetrate and cover the whole area. What's more, the wireless signal has to meet requirements for dense business and residental users


In order to ensure the through coverage of wireless signal, Enice's engineers implemented through inspection on the construction design. The design team implemented a full round of inspection on transmission, wireless signal coverage, and carried out simulation test on covering effect.  They employed the DAS scheme in which the 2G/4G/WLAN shares the same AF system. In the end of Sep, 2014, the total building was fully covered by 2G/4G/WLAN.

On-Site Pictures:

Results test:

1.RSRP:-85dBm to -55dBm
2.SINR:18 to 32
3.Download speed:44.7MB/s; upload speed 7.1MB/s

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