Huqiu Nuptial Dress Equipment City

The shopping mall is located at No.999 Huhu Road, Gushu District, Suzhou City with a covering area of 121500㎡ and construction area of 300000㎡, 1000 meters in length and 125 meters in width.Crowned as the largest nuptial dress equipment market in China, the shopping mall is only 1000 meters form the famous scenic spots, Huqiu Pagoda. The building is formed by 4 overground floors and 2 underground floors.

Mobile network issues:       

Because of extensive area of single floor and complicated structure of decoration, outdoor BS  signals could not throughly cover all the structure, resulting in weak and blind signal zones.  Besides, the large number of subscribers caused channel crowded of base station and thus difficulty in mobile call.


Enice implemented good-quality and high-density coverage plan with China Mobile antenna which integrated  2G/3G/4G within one set of antenna feedering system. This approach totally solved the issue of indoor signal coverage and improve the user perception. At the end of June, 2015, the 2G+4G officially launched in this site.

On Site Pictures:


Signal(4G) Test Results after the Construction 

1.RSRP:-95dBm to -65dBm

2.SINR:19 to 28

3.Download speed:43.5MB/s; upload speed 0.9MB/s

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